Should I answer their phone calls

NO! I advise only communicate with them in writing through certified mail, Do not ever speak to them ever over the phone, there is No need to have a phone conversation with them, everything can be and should be in writing.

The problem with speaking to them over the phone is this is their main weapon to have you incriminate yourself with your words, and they have trained professionals ready to intimate you and trick you into saying something that may hurt your case.

If they keep ringing you can simply send them a cease and desist letter this will make all phone calls and communication go away - the debt collector is only left with one choice now to try and sue you - and the chances of them actually doing that are less than 1%

There are many reason why debt collectors dont sue you, Lawsuits are a very expensive, slow process. The court system is so clogged that it takes months for a case to be heard (the average is 16 months). It also cost the debt collector money, This means they must hire a local collection attorney who expects payment regardless of whether or not he ever collects from you.

Creditors don't sue those who stand up for themselves. If you claim that you don't owe the debt and they cannot prove that you do in terms of the original Credit contract , original loan application and especially unsecured debts like credit cards the odds that you will be sued are reduced significantly regardless of how much you owe or how much they threaten to sue. The average creditor's attorney isn't willing to go after a debtor who is putting up a fight even if the amount of money owed is significant. So, when someone claims you owe a debt, send them a certified letter requesting the following documents original credit contract, original loan application how the serving was calculated e.g what income compared liabilities was used to approve the loan, what servicing buffer was used extra and you want to see all notes on file that was made by the banker that approved the loan, this is just a summary click here to down this template letter to send them. After they receive this letter from you the odds of being sued will go down tremendously.