How to complain about Debt collectors the correct way.

External dispute resolution scheme, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA, for a free and independent dispute resolution service. AFCA can be contacted by calling 1800 931 678 or visiting their website and making the complaint online. This is the best way to make the complaint as it forces the debt collector to respond and also cost the debt collector money as each time they have to use their EDR (external dispute resolution) I estimate will cost them between $1,500 - $3,500 per complaint - This is one of the main reasons they will always try and settle the dispute using their own Internal Dispute resolution and the main reason I suggest to you to go this way, as if you make enough complaints to AFCA about the debt collector soon their cost's will out way the debt they are trying to collect and they will simply walk away from the debt or offer you a massive discount on the money owed, from my experience the correct amount if you do intend to pay these guys back is only 10% or less of the amount they are try to get from you.- and the great thing about doing it this way is they are forced legally to respond to every complaint made to the AFCA

Also worth noting that once your complaint has been filed with AFCA , the debt collector by law has to suspend any collection or recovery action in relation to the debt until the complaint has been resolved and this can take months or even years to get resolved. If they continue to try collect during this process they will be in breach of the law and risk being sued by you!